April 26th - 29th     Coal Prep 2010. Lexington KY. Visit KeLa Energy at booth #1410.

March 15, 2010       The first KeLa Energy patent has been issued.  Patent number 7,674,303 was issued to KeLa Energy, LLC on March 9, 2010.

February 1-2, 2010 Larry Moot spoke at the annual EUEC conference in Phoenix, AZ

January 28-29th, 2010 Larry Moot presents at Coal Trans 2010 in Miami, FL

October 27-28, 2009 KeLa to present at the CARE Entrepreneur Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

September 15, 2009 KeLa presents at the Council of Boiler Owners (CIBO) Technical Focus Group,
Environmental & Energy Committee Meeting, Arlington, VA

Sept 2009                News Release - "Innovative Coal/Renewable/Waste Pellet Reduces Air Emissions"
The addition of high levels of biomass to an innovative waste coal pellet will allow fuel users to increase reliance on renewable energy while reducing hazardous air emissions, according to KeLa Energy, LLC. 

May 2009                  Enhanced Coal Based fuel Technology Tested by CAER at EKCC in West Liberty, KY
KeLa Energy, LLC participated in a test burn of new cleaner burning, enhanced coal based fuels made from coal fines, renewable biomass, and recycled binders.

February 2009             KeLa Energy Introduces New Company Logo
The new KeLa Energy company logo is introduced.

February 2009            KeLa attends the Society of Mining Engineers Conference in Denver, Co
Presents technical paper on the benefits of the KeLa process for making coal-biomass pellet fuels from coal fines.

December 2008           KeLa fuels included in scientific research project and test burn
conducted by the UK Center for Applied Energy Research.

June 2008            KeLa Energy presents a paper at the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference
KeLa Energy presents a paper on the KeLa technology at the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in Washington, DC.

June 2008            KeLa Energy attends the Clearwater Coal Conference
KeLa Energy attends and has a booth at the Clearwater coal Conference in Clearwater, Florida.

May 2008            CARE Conference 2008
KeLa Energy attends the annual CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort) and presents a paper to the proceedings dealing with coal fines recovery and carpet recycling.

April 2008            KeLa has Booth at Coal-Prep 2008
KeLa Energy attends Coal-Prep 2008 in Lexington, KY.  The KeLa technology is displayed and explained at a booth.

December 2007    KeLa Energy Presents Paper at Power-Gen 2007
KeLa Energy presents a paper titled “New Clean Coal Process Technology’ at Power-Gen 2007 in New Orleans, LA.

August 2007            KeLa Energy Completes First Commercial Scale Test Burn
KeLa Energy completed its first commercial scale test burn of KeLa Engineered Fuel in a manufacturing facility in Georgia.  Stoker based fuel was produced for this test at the KeLa Energy pilot plant facilities located in Ohio.  KeLa Engineered Fuel was burned for over eight hours with no problems, maintaining production levels of steam during the time of the test.  Present at the test were representatives of the testing company including their Environmental Compliance Manager, a representative of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, KeLa employees, and a third party emissions testing company.  The test demonstrated the following:

  • KeLa Engineered Fuel can be handled like stoker coal
  • The stoker steam boiler had no problems burning the KeLa Engineered Fuel.
  • The fuel maintained production levels of steam during the trial.
  • The KeLa Engineered Fuel ignited at start-up easier than coal.
  • The KeLa Engineered Fuel has less smoke generation at start-up compared to coal.
  • The KeLa Engineered Fuel burned more completely than coal (less carbon in the ash).
  • The KeLa Engineered Fuel had lower emissions than coal.

June 2007            KeLa Energy Pilot Plant Facility Created
First large scale KeLa pilot plant capable of producing larger quantities of KeLa Engineered Fuel.  This facility will be used to develop the line of KeLa Engineered Fuels and to produce production samples of fuel for testing.

August 2006            KeLa Energy Completes Initial Pilot Plant Scale testing
Making use of production facilities in West Virginia, KeLa Energy makes the first pilot plant samples of KeLa Engineered Fuel.  This test run demonstrates both the production and economic feasibility of the KeLa technology.  Sufficient quantities of fuel were produced during this test to perform small-scale burn trials.

December 2005    KeLa Energy Works with University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research to Characterize Processing Technology
KeLa Energy, working with Darrell Taulbee, PhD of the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER), characterizes the basic processes defining the KeLa Process technology.  This lab based testing demonstrates the viability of the pelletizing technology compared to existing briquetting techniques.